Trouble : Gonetoground I'm Smitten

Date of Birth: 4th June 2001

Trouble is Bella’s daughter and Pickle’s great granddaughter. She was the first born of Bella’s second litter and from the moment she appeared in the outside world decided to set off at a brisk wriggle out of the bed to find out what lay behind the washing machine. I diverted her a couple of times and then thought that it may be better to put her in a deeper box in a safer area until Bella had produced the whole litter.

She has a very dense, broken coat which is easy to keep clean and tidy.

Like Bella she just loves to hunt and chase, particularly squirrels. When let loose she will run for hours but her real passion is water and swimming - she can sense water from half a mile away. At the end of her first visit to Windsor Ch. Show Trouble lead us all the way across the car park, over the railway bridge to the river - tugging on her lead and squeaking until she was able to leap into the cooling water of the Thames. She would still be there now if she had her way! She is the proud mother of:

24/12/2002 – Christmas Eve - Eve, Buster, Pickle (2) and Holly
07/04/2004 – Good Friday - Taffy, Sonny (2) and Minnie
24/12/2004 - Christmas Eve - Present, Teasel, Zak and Scrumpy
07/04/2006 - Solo
23/11/2006 - Thanksgiving Day – Patch, Morse and Bubble
and her final litter was born on:
10/04/2009 – Good Friday - Blaze, Bones, Boris, Pirate, Maisie

Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents Great-Great-Grandparents
Jagen Johny Riplington Ch Howlbeck Izzy-Rite For Jagen Howlbeck Piper Ground Hill Kim (pjrtc)
Ground Hill Pip (pjrtc)
Howlbeck Just Rosie Howlbeck Mighty Marty
Howlbeck Tinker Tailer
Jagen Fire And Ice Riplington Tawny Owl of Jagen Ripling Revel (pjrtc)
Ripling Hobby (pjrtc)
Hoelio Dirty Dancer Heliwar Ben (pjrtc)
Ivydene Dora
Tinker Belle at Gonetoground Ardencote Titan Ardencote Twiss Ardencote Treason
Clystlands Tinsel
Ardencote Trisco Ardencote Top Notch
Ridley Renaissance
Ardencote Tantalum Ardencote Tariff Ragford Rascal (pjrtc)
Ardencote Tinker (pjrtc)
Howlbeck Pick'n Mix Howlbeck Piper
Ground Hill Twist (pjrtc)