Re Homing

Looking for a forever pet home: We sometimes rehome bitches when they have had a litter or two, occasionally a puppy we have kept to show or breed from.

Available now (April 2014)

Area: Home Counties
7 months old, smooth coated, pure white, un-spayed female Parson Russell. She was kept as a possible show dog but hasn't quite reached our expectations. She is sound and healthy and has an excellenttemperament and is good with children. She is a friendly, loving and very energetic young dog. She enjoys playing in the garden and around the house she also likes to cuddle up at night and sit with you. She has been reared in our home and lives with the family which includes our other dogs. We would like her to go to a loving active home where someone is around all day - and where she can be given the full attention she deserves. She would be better kept as an only dog. She would provide lots of fun for older children. She would like lots of walks and play time or maybe an agility home. Experienced dog owners would be an advantage.

If the above female is not the "one for you" please consider contacting:

PARSON RUSSELL WELFARE Has a number of PRTs urgently looking for homes. Are you a knowledgeable terrier person who has room in your home and heart for another Russell? Do you have the energy and time to devote to re-training a slightly older dog? Please visit the Welfare and Rescue page of Goldfern Terriers for more details or speak to Patricia Frost-Copping on 01964 615178.